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Saturday, July 21, 2012

What Happened at Vatican II

One book I've especially liked is What Happened at Vatican II by Jesuit John O'Malley. Today I saw this video of him speaking on the same subject. Here's how he characterizes the changes the Council wanted to make in the church ....

From commands to invitations, from monologue to dialogue, from laws to ideals, from threats to persuasion, from ruling to serving, from hostility to friendship, from rivalry to partnership, from suspicion to trust, from Withdrawl to engagement, from passive acceptance to active participation, from behavior modification to conversion of heart.

So idealistic! :)

At the end there were questions and one person asked the question I wanted answered - if he thought the present pope was trying to go back to before V2. Fr. O'Malley answered "Yes" And then he elaborated on this, saying he thinks the pope is acting from fear of challenge to his authority. I agree with him.


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