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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rating charities

I saw a depressing article about charities today - Charities Deceive Donors Unaware Money Goes to a Telemarketer - that mentions how some well known charities, like the American Diabetes Association, sometimes mislead donors about what percentage of the money they give will actually go towards helping those the charity is for.

One way people can become aware of how their charity donations are spent is to look up the charity at Charity Navigator. It can be kind of daunting to do this - I send a tiny bit of $ to a bunch of different places and not all of them rated very well. Two that did, though, were the Animal Legal Defense Fund (see the Charity Navigator page on them here), and Catholic Relief Services (see here).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be wary of alleged charity raisers claiming they are representing law enforcement groups. They are pushy and have gotten downright belligerent w/ both my mother and sister when they call. I am a local police officer and I advised them to just hang up the second a solicitor turns rude. I am extremely embarrassed when I learn of such calls and I can tell you f/ experience and knowledge, the money is not distributed in a fair manner. It is distributed by popularity.

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