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Friday, November 23, 2012

What I saw today

- NT Wright, Women Bishops: It’s about the Bible, not fake ideas of progress

- a recent talk by Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno SJ ... CS Lewis and The discarded Image, etc ...

- podcast at Philosophy Bites: Gary L. Francione on Animal Abolitionism

- Alison Milbank (wife of John Milbank) talks about Dante's Divine Comedy and the idea of life and death as a religious journey ...


Anonymous Victor said...

Whow this post hurts my head cause a simple person as myself can not follow all of this stuff.

What's that sinner vic! That's only cause you are not a god like we are, you're simply a human and can't understand as gods do.

Listen sinner vic! I like to try and keep "IT" simple and until "I'M" dead, I chose to believe in Adam and Eve and that GOD(Good Old Dad) created HIS WORLD in "Seven Days" and that's why "Seven" is an Eternal Number. Our first ancestors lived in a beautiful paradise with animals that we all loved and enjoyed being together until "Satan" and his backward "LIVED" spoiled "IT" all for U>S(usual sinners) NOW!

Well you're not completely wrong Victor cause you at least recognize that we own 92% of your human flesh butt until we learn to forget aboout those 7% Jesus Cells and that "ONE" soul cells you will never be perfect butt almost perfect! :)

Why must you make fun of everything sinner vic?

That's because the closer you humans get to U>S, the funny her you guys become! Listen Victor! These human brains keep getting themselves in trouble because they sooner or later start thinking that they know how GOD created HIS Creations. For example.....Galileo Brilliant scientist, almost perfect but not a god! You see what U>S gods mean?

sinner vic! Do you gods agree that until proponents of women bishops stop using "IT", the biblical arguments for women’s ordination then "IT" will never appear in full strength as in GOD's favor?

Victor! Victor! Victor! Stop using tricks of the Vatican for this year of "Faith" to justify lost cells in time and/or lost souls cause you know that "The WorLd" and if ya take the "L" out of "IT" then you have our twenty first century word and just because your seven so called per sense Jesus Cells won't accept "IT" don't make your "ONE" per sense Soul a god like U>S alien gods! Does "IT" NOW?

FORGET "IT" sinner vic, cause like my good mother use to say, there's no use talking to U>S (usual sinners) cause we have an answer to just about "Eve re: things." :(

I hear ya Crystal! Victor! Why don't ya just start your own blog? :)


12:17 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor :)

3:02 PM  

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