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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Jesus and the woman at the well

The gospel reading for today, John 4:5-42, is one of my favorites. It was neat to see it portrayed in a movie, The Gospel of John, since most Jesus movies leave it out. Here below is clip from the film of Jesus talking to the Samaritan woman at the well ......


Anonymous Victor said...

Interesting film but how much truth is really attributed to "IT" NOWADAYS Crystal? "I'M" only asking NOW!

Wouldn't "IT" be great if there really was a GOD (Good Old Dad) who really did LOVE U>S all NOW. Boys and girls, wouldn't "IT" be great if HE really was telling U>S (usual sinners) the truth and there really was Eternal life NOW!

Don't be silly Victor! Jesus is nothing but a ferry tale. Come on folks, are we going to believe that GOD could really build UP a temple that took forty six years to build NOW. The then thing that we'll be hearing is that GOD created HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON with HIS WORD and that's just too much a stretch for U<S gods to believe Victor and let's not even ask the aliens who own this world what they think NOW.

sinner vic, I honestly don't believe in alien gods even though "I" often make believe that they do exist. Long story, they are only lost souls who are looking for somebody to love, I mean some body to love and convince them that GOD does not exist but if truth be known, they've all paid their dues and longer story short, if they convince YA then you become their slave for Eternity if YA get my drift NOW!

That's enough Victor, we want YA to stop "IT" and don't be placing false hope in YOU MAN, I mean humans NOW!

SORRY sinner vic, me, myself and i just got carried away on this Sunday NOW!

"IT" is OK Victor but the next time make sure YA read the house rules.

Go figure NOW! :)


8:22 PM  

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