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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thinking Faith's Lenten film series

Last year during Lent the British Jesuit site, Thinking Faith, had a series of posts about the seven deadly sins and the movies (scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of the posts). This year they have a different series - Virtues on Film - exploring movies that exemplify faith, hope, charity, prudence, temperance, fortitude and justice. The first post is Fortitude in Of Gods and Men by Niall Keenan (I've mentioned the movie Of Gods and Men in past posts here and here). I'm looking forward to the other posts.


Anonymous Victor said...

Crystal! I had written about seven paragraph and was just about to close and long story short, "IT" just disappeared and must start all over NOW!

Go ahead blame U>S gods butt think about "IT" first, what if "IT" was really The Holy Spirit at work Victor?

NO! I don't think "IT" was because long story short, "I" was proud of what "I" had written sinner vic!

OK! Have "IT" YA WAY cause YA always do! Don't YA NOW?

Be nice sinner vic! All I did was talk about U>S (usual sinning) christians being aliens and then went on to ask a few questions like: First of all! Didn't Jesus say in so many words that HE was not of this world? Did HE not prove that on HIS FATHER's Holy Mountain NOW?

Victor! The reason that you lost "IT" all was because you never allowed U>S alien gods to help ya! Don't ya know that we gods own 92% of your flesh NOW?

Victor! Victor! Victor! We alien gods had the same problems with those 7% "Jesus Cells" of HIS apostles on our mountain. Those three apostles after they saw all three of those HOLY MEN, well long story short, their flesh started to think that they really were gods alos and "ONE" of them, called "PETER", even started telling "Jesus" what to do until "The Old Man" set him straight just like we alien gods have a right to do with.....

sinner vic, you're lucky that "I'M" not ready to end this NOW!

"I'M" just trying to help ya Victor, just like your little retardo soul tried to help your Papa....

((( The resignation of Pope Benedict XVI 12 February 2013
The announcement of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI has startled the Roman Catholic Church, ‘but maybe this last, charismatic and courageous gesture will be a chance for the whole Church to do some soul-searching and to reflect on what it needs from a pope.’ Gemma Simmonds CJ considers how the experience of recent papacies might inform our hopes and expectations for the next phase in the life of the Church.)))

Come on Victor! Did ya not write about "IT" at least tell your Papa's at Jester somewhere that this good man should quit getting so close to the public like he was doing. We alien gods have got to be careful as to what we tell you huma.......

Sorry sinner vic! Don't hurt me and please don't let those alien gods throw more rocks at U>S (usual sinners) desguising them as Meteor and the likes and we humans will be good to all of ya, we promise. See! Left, Right, Left Right? What gut feeling will "IT" be NOW!?

Go ahead make fun of the alien gods NOW just like those cardinals and the rest who think they can go by The Good Book after having served U>S alien gods for so long

NOW and....

END YA SAY sinner vic!

Sorry Crystal! We must apologize for those who enjoy reading what sinner vic some times has to say butt me, myself and i just don't have any more energy left so all of U>S should be thankful that GOD won't let go like "ME" "ME" and "ME" do so often.

if ya get my drift?

Be nice Victor! :)

Go Figure!

P.S Thanks for the prayers


5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's that ya say sinner vic?

Go Figure



7:02 PM  
Blogger Dina said...

Thanks for this link, Crystal. I'll read it tonight. I reckon "Of Gods and Men" could qualify for ALL the virtues.

11:05 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Dina,

Thanks. I wonder what the other movies will be.

12:15 AM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Call me crazy Crystal but while listening to this

I reality honestly saw some of my younger brother's behavior somewhere in there. God bless his soul, he was my twin to the day but he literally was a year younger than me. I could write a book and say so many interesting things about him butt then if I was honest I would have to bring a LOT of people down and that's not GOD's (Good Old Dad) WAY NOW!

I'll simply tell ya that he just couldn't compete with my so called sinner vic demons. He loved country music and love to hear me sing and play guitar and "ONE" day I let him try and laughed to myself cause he couldn't play a key and then after I looked him in the eyes, "IT" was like twightly zone and he started to sound good and long story short, I had no choice but to put a "STOP" to "IT" ALL.

I hear ya! "IT" is unstoppable.

Go Figure!


12:09 PM  

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