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Sunday, March 03, 2013

O'Brien and the Vatican

UPDATE - this today: Vatican accused of cover up over Cardinal Keith O'Brien's 'sexual conduct'

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Cardinal O'Brien admits wrongdoing, but the Vatican's response, or lack thereof, especially depresses me ...

[...] The four [who made the accusations against O'Brien] made statements to the nuncio, Archbishop Antonio Mennini, a few days before Benedict announced that he was stepping down. The four men were told that Cardinal O’Brien would still go to Rome.

Then, on Feb. 22, the cardinal made headlines by saying that the church rules on celibacy should be reviewed. Ms. Deveney said the men learned informally that the church objected to the comments, and that “the cardinal would not go to Rome.”

“So did the church act because it was shocked by the claims against the cardinal, or were they angry he had broken ranks on celibacy?” she asked, noting that her article breaking the news — for which she had the men’s statements in hand — came two days later.

The former seminarian, now married with children, said he had acted because he was “disappointed” by what he described as a “lack of integrity” by the church in reacting to the men’s original complaint to the Vatican, Ms. Deveney wrote. He said the only response he had received from church authorities had been in the form of a “cursory e-mail” giving the numbers of counselors he could talk to who were based “hundreds of miles” from where he lived.

Since the allegations became public, he said, the indifference of the church had not changed. “There have been two sensations for me this week,” he said. “One is feeling the hot breath of the media on the back of my neck, and the other is sensing the cold disapproval of the church hierarchy for daring to break ranks. I feel like if they could crush me, they would.”

Learn about the priests and former priest who made the accusations and the evolution of the situation in The Guardian - Cardinal Keith O'Brien: how Britain's Catholic leader fell from grace. And Giles Fraser spoke on this topic too on BBC Radio - Thought For The Day by Giles Fraser


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