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Friday, April 12, 2013

Brother Guy

A recent podcast from the Irish Jesuits by Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno SJ .... 'EYES TO THE HEAVENS'. You can read more about Guy at Wikipedia. I wrote about his book in 2006 - Brother Astronomer .

From the podcast ...

There's a misconception out there that science is one way of obtaining fact and knowledge and faith is another way of obtaining facts and knowledge, and inevitably they're going to conflict, but neither of those things are true. We learn science in a classroom out of a big book of facts, but that's not what science is. The actual activity of science is the conversation we have about the things we don't understand in what data we have, and finding out maybe the data really aren't telling us what we thought they were. In the same way, faith is not something where I'm closing my eyes and I'm believing this because somebody told me. It's even with my eyes wide open, I don't know nearly enough to make the decisions that I have to make anyway.


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