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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Channeling Obi-Wan

The latest episode of Fringe was fun. It's set about 20 years in the future when the evil Observers have taken over the world. You can tell they're evil because they've paved over Central Park! ...

They have collaborating humans who look a lot like Nazis. Here one demands the papers of the good guys, the Resistance, while they're trying to escape, and Walter (in the middle) tells him, "These aren't the droids you're looking for" :) ...

I was happy to see a new character introduced, played by Henry Ian Cusick (Jesus in The Gospel of John) ...

I'm going to be sad when I'm done with this series.


Anonymous Victor said...

(((You can tell they're evil because they've paved over Central Park! ...
I'm going to be sad when I'm done with this series.)))

Come NOW Crystal! Your spiritual human crystal sins, "I" mean sincere crystal cells know as well as we 98% godly cells know that our alien god friends are going to need all the run WAYs available. Remember, we gods will be providing to U>S so you must forget what Victor's Two per sent age cells of that imaginary "Jesus" said in so many words that "You can't serve Two masters."

Relax Crystal cause if YA follow U>S gods, YA won't be sad when "I'M" done with this series. Long story short, we won't let YA stranded like the hockey gods left Victor with the
Lose Habs Blues NOW and.....

End YA say sinner vic and....

And don't be such a sore lose her, "I" mean loser and by the WAY, where do you go from her, "I" mean here Victor?

Don't be like that sinner vic! Do YA really enjoy seeing a grown UP MAN cry NOW?

Sorry Victor cause your so called Two per sent age soul and Jesus cells were starting to grow on U>S (usual sinners) and just cause YA cat licks, "I" mean catholic church have also lost, you've still got a Kind of like a Don Cherry LUV hate
relationship if YA get my drift! Right NOW?

I guess you're right sinner vic butt "IT" is just that The spiritual gods of "The Robinson's" keep calling our house every time The Habs lose and as a matter, Fact, "ONE" of their gods left a message on our phone and "I'M" thinking of making a copy of "IT" for the internet if YA get my drift NOW?

DON'T DO THAT VICTOR! If YA ever did that, we would give Mother Nature heavy her, "I" mean heavier drugs and your hot water pipes might freeze and you should be getting chills in your city eventually in time NOW!

Go Figure brothers and sisters in Christ NOW! :)


8:54 AM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Crystal! Where's your "Jesus" when we gods need him cause the observer who goes by the name of Donald played his trump card and long story short made U>S forget to include this song NOW!

Go Figure folks! :)


10:00 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Victor. Thanks for the links :)

2:52 PM  

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