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Thursday, May 30, 2013


- Peter calling his daughter

Just watched the last episode of Fringe, An Enemy of Fate, and it was all about fathers.

There's Walter, who with difficulty learned to love Peter, an alternate version of his own dead son, then came to realize that the only way to save Peter and everyone else from the destruction of the Observers was to travel to the future and change the timeline, thus never seeing his son again ....

And there's Peter, whose daughter Etta had been lost as a child and who, though later found by Peter as an adult, had been taken away again by having been murdered by the Observers. This clip is from the very end of the episode - Walter has gone into the future and the timeline has changed: there has been no Observer invasion, Etta has not been lost, and Peter remembers nothing of what had happened, including where Walter has gone. He receives in the mail a letter from Walter with the drawing of a white tulip - a sign that Walter believe is from God signifying God's forgiveness ....


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