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Monday, May 27, 2013

Three things

- Something that touched me, from Andrew Sullivan's blog ...... A survivor of the Oklahoma tornado gets a surprise: ...

- Cardinal Pell, the enemy of conscience, the master of the reviled missal translation, and sadly one of Pope Francis' choices to help reform the church, has admitted in testimony that the church in Australia covered up sex abuse ...

[...] He admitted his church had covered up abuse for fear of scandal; that his predecessor Archbishop Little had destroyed records, moved paedophile priests from parish to parish and facilitated appalling crimes. He agreed Little’s behavior was reprehensible, not Christlike.

“Did you ever transfer a priest about whom you knew there were allegations of child abuse?” asked pugnacious former journalist and deputy chair of the committee, Frank McGuire.

“I don’t believe I did. I never meant to. I don’t believe I did. And therefore I’m quite happy to say I didn’t.”

“Did you in any way cover up offending?”


“Were you guilty of wilful blindness?’’

“I certainly wasn’t.”

But as archbishop of Melbourne he had, he conceded, continued to pay a stipend to Father Ronald Pickering who vanished to England in 1993 after child abuse allegations began to be made. Pickering refused to assist the police, refused to help the church insurers and refused to come back to Melbourne to face the music. But Pell kept paying his “frugal” allowance.

“As long as a priest is a priest,” he explained to the committee, “canon law requires a bishop to support them.” Pell’s successor, Archbishop Denis Hart stopped the payment and initiated an investigation in Pickering’s old parish to see if there were other victims. Pell regretted not having done so himself: “It was far from perfect.”

As the cardinal sees it, the problem is not a culture of abuse in the church but a culture of silence. “I’ve sometimes said, if we’d been gossips – which we weren’t – and we had talked to one another about the problems that were there we would have realised earlier just how widespread this awful business was.”

That was said mid-afternoon. But an hour or so later as the light was failing, Pell faced the last of his interrogators, an angry Catholic barrister, David O’Brien. In a few lethal moments, the National party parliamentarian had the cardinal admitting that the machinery he put in place to deal with abuse when he became archbishop of Melbourne in 1996, involved “no systemic investigation”. ....

Watch the really chilling video on Pell here at ABC News.

- Finally, some music from tonight's episode of Fringe ...


Blogger William D. Lindsey said...

How surprising to discover that Cardinal Pell has been surprised to discover a widespread and systemic coverup--in which he has played no role whatsoever.

5:43 AM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi William,

Yes, it just boggles the mind, doesn't it? :(

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Victor said...

Hi again crystal!

I think that I've read enough of this to know that there is a cover UP and as far as that lucky dog video story is concerned, me, myself and i never got a chance to see it because this message popped up; "This video is not available in your country" and i also got the same message while reading the post "Your Tuesday Cry" but for what it is worth, I've already seen that lucky dog on our Canadian News.

I hear YA! What does sinner vic think about "IT" all Victor?

Crystal! Crystal! Crystal! Please don't get U>S started cause we gods could write 66 books about "IT" and that's not because Victor's so called "ONE" per sent age cells has micro influenced any of U>S gods because he likes "IT" the way "IT" was NOW!?

Long story short! "IT" just makes U>S sick thinking about "IT" all these days.

You've probably heard Victor's so called Egor, "I" mean Ego tell his pup pet cells that he's planning to start a third blog when his so called Fed.... UP Canadian election role around. Long story short, humans must find some way of discouraging him because "ME", "ME" and "ME" have been told a "TOP SECRET" from that this will destroy his family of "LOVE". Hey please pray for this body and/or we gods are not simply saying this because some humans puppets like to make believe that his so called "ONE" per sent age "Jesus" might really exist NOW.!?

Do what YA like but "I'M" telling you that some of the past Prime Ministers know about U>S but that's not True Though cause Victor doesn't even know The Right Honourable Pierre E. Trudeau in reality NOW!

Longer story short her, "I" mean shorter, if Victor is not stopped in "TIME", some of his "Jesus" cells will make "IT" a reality of what really took place when "Jesus" said in person with so many "WORDS" over two thousand years ago that unless you hate your mother, father, sister, brother ect............++++++++++

Listen we gods would never let the alien gods take advantage of YA in that way and all our pups, "I" mean our pets, all humans can take that to the bank NOW and....

End YA say sinner vic?

Don't be lying Victor! You're just guessing NOW!

Go Figure! :)


12:55 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Cheerful song :)

6:13 PM  

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