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Monday, June 03, 2013

In the UK

- The Lords on trial: Westminster hit by attempt to wreck gay marriage bill - and by fast-track plans for register of lobbyists

- Bishop Alan Wilson has a post about the C of E bishops, the "lords spiritual", who will (or won't) vote in the House of Lords on the marriage equality issue - Perils of the Aristocracy: A Political Scientist Writes...

- In the Telegraph - Bishops under pressure to abstain in gay marriage vote

- Andrew Brown has a post on the issue too - The rump church opposition to gay marriage is naked patriarchy

- I don't know how the House of Lords will vote, but I've seen reference to the Parliament Act, which I think means that in some cases, the vote of the House of Lords can be set aside in favor of the vote of the House of Commons - 'Constitutional crisis' if Lords reject gay marriage, senior peer warns

- Meanwhile, as you'd expect, the Catholic Church in the UK warns that the Government's gay marriage legislation will have "serious and harmful consequences" for the health of society, family life, and for freedom of religion and of speech.


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