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Friday, July 26, 2013

And the world is about to turn

As Pope Francis in Rio encourages young people to change the church - Rebel pope urges Catholics to shake up dioceses - the leaders of the church in the US continue to try to stifle Fr. Helmut Schüller's talks on church reform - Archbishop Allen Vigneron bans liberal priest speech from Westland church.

Schüller: Bishops have 'no influence' on young people's thinking

For the crowd of more than 500 at the talk in Chicago by the founder of the Austrian Priests' Initiative, Fr. Helmut Schüller probably didn't say anything they hadn't already heard. But the fact that a priest was not afraid to speak publicly and is networking with like-minded priests around the world gave many audience members hope that reform in the church is possible .....

[O]ne of the more striking moments in the evening was a question from a younger audience member who pointed out the dearth of younger Catholics and Latinos. When an organizer asked those under 50 to stand, fewer than a dozen did.

"My theory is that younger people have lost the patience that we have," Schüller said, pointing out that his generation is willing to ask politely for meetings with hierarchy then to wait, discuss, and try the whole process over again. For young people, [a bishop] has no influence on their thinking, no authority," he said. "They don't have patience. They say, 'We shouldn't wait; we should do it.' " ...... "A lot of these young people are now gathering with Pope Francis [at World Youth Day in Brazil]," he said. "They enjoy the big community there, but when they come home, they have discussions with their priest about their daily life. It's a very pragmatic approach." ....

I'm not sure about those at WTD - are they liberals who want change or are they conservatives who love pre-V2? If Benedict was still pope I'd think the latter, but with Francis I feel more hopeful that the people drawn to his version of WTD might be looking forward instead of back. Maybe the world *is* about to turn :)

My heart shall sing of the day you bring.
Let the fires of you justice burn.
Wipe away all the tears, for the dawn draws near,
And the world is about to turn.

- Canticle of the Turning: Magnificat


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