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Friday, August 02, 2013

Let the dead bury the dead and Russian churches

- Letting the Dead Bury the Dead by Ed Kilgore ...

[...] His [Timothy Dolan's] transfer of all that money into cemetery funds was deemed “shocking” by the Editors of the New York Times because it was clearly intended to keep it out of the hands of plaintiffs in 575 separate lawsuits against the Milwaukee archdiocese alleging sexual abuse by Catholic clergy. Now that the archdiocese has filed for bankruptcy protection, it has sought in court to claim a religious liberty right to keep the transferred money off the table in the resolution of creditors’ claims, and Judge Rudolph Randa has agreed, citing the Catholic belief in the Resurrection of the Body as privileging the cemetery fund.

So victims of clerical abuse will not secure justice, but cemeteries will be well-tended.

The decision and the publicity around it is going to be a public relations nightmare for Dolan and the American Catholic Hierarchy, and perhaps even the Vatican. I’m sure we will often hear, as we should, the words of Jesus (Luke 9:60) to a believer who begged for time to bury his father before following Christ to Jerusalem:

Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.

- A story today in TIME magazine - 7 Things Edward Snowden Should Do in Russia. I thought I would add a few things to their list . The article says he'sa Buddhist but he still might enjoy the art and architecture of places like ...

- Saint Basil's Cathedral and Resurrection Gate and chapel in Moscow. Here's a view of St. Basil's seen through Resurrection Gate ...

- and in St. Petersburg he might check out Saint Isaac's Cathedral ...

And the Church of the Savior on Blood ....


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