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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some links and a poem

- Zealot a re-do of JD Crossan's Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography?: More About Reza Aslan’s Zealot Than I Wanted To Write (Or That You Want to Read, Probably)

- Jesuit Thomas Reese on NPR on what the pope said.

- Picnic’s Over - Erica Wagner

Here is the lesson these travellers took:
a river, a lover, a broken book.
Dressed for the weather, naked as rain,
roped one to the other we set off again.

That one has packed up his tricks for the night:
the jack-knife, the skein, the mariner’s light.
The wren is the gift at the heart of the wood;
her song is washed clean in the travellers’ blood.

This one lays bait for the stars to devour:
a feather, a saltbox, his enemy’s power.
He thought that the sandwiches tasted of shame,
his hunger a dog off the edge of the frame.

I will go with you, the fifth one remarked,
past the bridge over silence and into the dark;
the blade and the seed to temper disaster,
the clatter of horns to carry our laughter.

Here is the lesson these travellers took:
a ladder, a letter, a scarlet book.
Stripped by the rain, worn in the weather,
the lover, the enemy, vanish together.


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