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Monday, August 19, 2013

Some links

- I want one! :) The Cronut Craze Goes Global

- I came across an old post at In All Things (and a link there) which reminded today of just how scary the conservative Catholic view of sex can be ;)

- a really interesting Philosophy Bites podcasr: Samuel Scheffler on the Afterlife. It's not about whether people go to heaven after death but about how important it is to those dying to believe that other people will still live on once they themselves are dead. This reminds me of the past Hugo/Nebula award winner, To Your Scattered Bodies Go , in which the earth is completely destroyed by an asteroid and aliens "save" all the people who die and resurrect them on another planet: the survivors are so deeply disturbed to learn that no one on earth has survived their own deaths.

- people in the lowest 20 percent of income levels give a larger percentage of their money to charity than the upper 20 percent - from Charitable giving: what's in it for me?. A few days ago I went through all the mail requests/ads I get for money from charities, trying to pick out the most "worthy" ones to give to. I visited GiveWell, a place that evaluates charities, but could find no animal charities listed and saw this instead ... I do not value the lives of animals equally to those of humans – not even close. I couldn’t bring myself to give money to animal welfare charities that could be spent on global health instead, given what I understand as the realistic range of cost-effectiveness for the two. ... this is one of the reasons I give to animal charities: most people will only give help to other people. Here's a better charity evaluator - Charity Navigator


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