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Friday, September 06, 2013

Three links

- A talk given on Pope Francis by Fr Frank Brennan SJ. Fr. Brennan is an interesting guy = a Jesuit, human rights lawyer, and academic.

- A book from Gustavo Gutiérrez (one of the founders of liberation theology) and Gerhard Ludwig Müller (the prefect of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith) and how Pope Francis is so not in this loop - link

- The Economist reviews Robert Calderisi's book, Earthly Mission: The Catholic Church and World Development ...

[...] Mr Calderisi brings experience of two sorts. He has worked for many years for organisations such as the World Bank and has written compellingly about why aid has failed Africa. He is also a Catholic. He is, however, clear-eyed about the church’s flaws. He decries the breathtaking insensitivity of the Vatican’s declaration in 2010 that the ordination of women would be an ecclesiastical crime as serious as the sexual abuse of children. He left the church for a decade after Pope Paul VI confirmed the ban on birth control, so distressed was he about the damage the edict would do in the developing world. He is gay and has little time for the church’s pronouncements on homosexuality. Instead, he is interested in where the church follows the Bible’s call to love, “not in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth”. The church’s role in setting up schools and hospitals is familiar territory, as is its (mixed) political influence in Latin America. More gripping is Mr Calderisi’s examination of its actions in Rwanda and its stance on contraception ....

See my past post about the Church and what happened in Rwanda here


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