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Monday, September 30, 2013

Vedek Bareil

My latest old DVD check-out from the library is Deep Space Nine, the 90s Star Trek spin-off. The picture looks a little fuzzy and the show seems a bit dated but still I'm enjoying it.

My favorite character so far (I'm in season 2) is Bareil. He's a Vedek, a monk, from a planet (Bajor) near the Federation space station DS9. He lives at a monastery ...

And has a [licit] romantic relationship with one of the station's residents, Kira ...

The Bajorans worship alien beings who reside in a wormhole near DS9, referring to them as the Prophets, and the monastery has a number of sacred objects called orbs which give one Prophet-related visions ...

In one episode, Bareil comes to the space station to give a talk and he asks Kira afterwards ...

Bareil: So, what did you think?

Kira: Of your speech?

B: Um hum.

K: I liked everything about it. Except the content.

B: You disagree with my interpretation of the Eighth Prophecy?

K: 'I disagree' is a bit of an understatement. 'I passionately disagree' is more like it. The way you have of taking a prophecy and showing that it can mean exactly the opposite of the accepted interpretation is ...

B: It's brilliant, insightful?

K: Infuriating!

B: Maybe we should talk about something else.

K: Like what?

B: The Ilvian katterpod crop maybe? Or the new nature preserve in Hedrikspool Province? Or how about the standings in the Springball championship.

K: You follow Springball?

B: Religiously.

Heh :) The introduction of the Bajorans into the Star Trek universe was interesting because they seemed to be the first seriously religious species on the series. Sadly, Bareil dies pretty early on in the show, but his alternate self from a parallel universe does make a brief appearance later on.

I wish I could post a video clip of Vedek Bareil but DS9 videos appear to be thin on the ground. On the other hand, you can watch episodes of the show free at CBS. But anyway, here's a clip showing the alternate Bareil (who was a theif, not a vedek) eating lunch with Kira and, yes, Worf :) ....


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