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Friday, November 15, 2013

Check out The Tablet

For a brief time, all The Tablet features are free to read online in celebration of their revamped website. There's much to peruse: news, their blog, columns, and articles, etc. One news item that got my attention was about the so-far results of the UK online version of the Vatican survey ... Vatican poll published by England and Wales bishops has garnered 15,000 responses - and the related article, Endangered species...

[...] Overall then, British Catholics have moved further from a Vatican-approved model of a faithful Catholic with every generation. This does not mean that most have become secular, atheistic, or even non-Catholic – it means that they have become Catholic in a different way. They are much less likely to go to church every week and to think of themselves as “religious”. They are likely to support the Church’s social teachings, but are increasingly unlikely to support its natural-law-based teachings about sex, gender and the traditional family. Far from endorsing their Church’s highly critical remarks about mainstream “secular” culture, they actively embrace some aspects of its ethical progress, including its widening commitment to principles of human liberty and equality – albeit tempered by considerations of the common good ...


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