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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Data, Spot, and Worf

Finally finished Star Trek: Destiny by David Mack and there was a part that touched me about Data and his cat Spot. The bit in the book takes place after Mr. Data has died. Worf says ...

"I too often wish that Data were still alive. Usually in the morning when Spot wishes to be fed."

La Forge chuckled, recalling Worf's pained expression when he'd learned that Data's last will and testament had named the Klingon as the guardian of his pet. "How's the cat doing?"

"Spot is well -- and his claws are sharp," Worf said with a prideful gleam. Then he softened his expression and clasped La Forge's shoulder in a friendly grip. "Data is gone. and it is not wrong for us to mourn him. But we must not cling too tightly to the past. We are still alive, Geordi, and we have each other. Perhaps that will be enough."

Why did Data leave Spot to Worf in his will? Perhaps because Worf once agreed to look after Spot for Data :) ..

PS - it was no coincidence that I named two of my cats Data and Spot ...


Anonymous Richard said...

A pair of handsome kitties:)

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Blogger crystal said...


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