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Monday, November 04, 2013


- The Employment Non-Discrimination Act makes it through the Senate (Bill Advances to Outlaw Discrimination Against Gays), despite opposition by the US Bishops. I think the bishops should be ashamed of themselves.

- From NCR, Women resistant to Pope Francis' call for new theology .... "Personally, I am not sure why there needs to be a theology of women, and certainly not one written by men," Marti Jewell of the University of Dallas' School of Ministry said in an email to NCR. "There is not talk of a theology of men. We are all disciples by virtue of our baptism." .... yes!

- There's been a lot in the Catholic media lately about religious persecution of Christians ... this Pew Research Center page helps put the subject in perspective ... Harassment of Particular Religious Groups

- I was entranced by this story and the photo that came with it ... Map: The Best Sandwiches From Every State. So hard to decide on a favorite. The one from Idaho sounds the best to vegetarian me: potato salad on toast :)


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