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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What I saw today

- A Bigger Grand Canyon, Hockney

Jesuit John Coleman writes about an exhibit of David Hockney's work at the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park ... Learning to See Differently

- Opinions About Abortion Haven't Changed Since Roe v. Wade ... Most Americans are deeply conflicted about abortion. One survey found that a significant number of Americans identify simultaneously as pro-life and pro-choice.

- Much at stake for Francis in Vatican sex abuse moves ... Despite Pope Francis' heartfelt expressions of lament over priest sex abuse last week, the Geneva hearing suggests to date he does not understand the full magnitude of the related sex abuse issues, or, if he does, is yet unwilling or incapable of responding to it. I so want Francis to succeed in his multiple reform efforts it is heartbreaking to think he might miss the ball on clergy sex abuse – and cover-up. (With the emphasis here on “cover-up.)

- From The Atlantic .... The New Aaron Swartz Documentary at Sundance. Here's a trailer for the film ...


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