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Thursday, March 27, 2014

A few things

- President Obama and the pope :) ...

- Augustinian priest: Teaching that women are not like Jesus is 'heretical'. The whole article is worth a read, but here's the beginning ...

The explanation for a male-only priesthood that views women as not fully in Jesus' likeness is a heretical teaching that implies women are not fully redeemed, said Augustinian Fr. John Shea in his second such letter since 2012 to U.S. bishops on the issue of women's ordination.

"This teaching that 'women are not fully in the likeness of Jesus' -- qualifying, as it does, as a theological explanation -- is utterly and demonstrably heretical.

"This teaching says that women are not fully redeemed by Jesus. This teaching says that women are not made whole by the saving favor of our God. This teaching says that the 'catholic' church is only truly 'catholic' for males," Shea wrote ...

- My latest kindle book is God: A Guide for the Perplexed (2013 edition) by Keith Ward. Here's the Library Journal blurb from the Amazon page ...

"Believing in God," states Oxford divinity professor Ward, "is just a bit more complicated than you might think." For a quarter century, Ward (God, Chance and Necessity) has been a reliable guide to spirituality and religion. Here he provides a whirlwind tour of how God has been conceived in Western thought, beginning with Homer and Descartes and progressing through thinkers like Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and Kant and poets like Blake and Wordsworth. Along the way, he discusses the prophets, the Ten Commandments, the idea of evil, and more. What makes this work Ward's own is his leitmotif: a belief that the trouble with much of the popular understanding of God is that it is too literal. To help us go beyond such popular conceptions, Ward, with humor and skill, deftly and accurately guides us through the ages of reflection on what can and cannot be known about God. The danger of such an approach is that it will leave readers with caricatures of the great thinkers' positions. The value is that readers will become intrigued and will go directly to the sources listed in Ward's "Find Out More..." bibliographies at the end of each chapter. In the end, this book inspires considerable thought and thus belongs in every library.

I'm only just starting it but I hope to post excerpts as I go along.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Triangle symbol prophecy (10/22/2013)

The unholy trinity

Why would the cardinals be laughing during an act of papal veneration?
And why the veneration of this particular, bizarre looking cross?
Would such a cross, which has no semblance to the traditional crucifix, warrant a sermon before a gathering of Church leadership?
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An unusual event to compare:
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