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Friday, April 25, 2014

Canonization of John Paul II & John XXIII

- my college boyfriend named his two pet rats after saints Boris and Gleb :)

Thinking of the upcoming dual papal canonization. I'm pretty disillusioned. It's not just that John Paul's legacy [is] stained by sex abuse scandal, it's also the whole sainthood thing. Before I was a Catholic I knew very little about the saints aside from what I gleaned from movies and college classes. It wasn't until I became Catholic and began reading up on the subject that I realized that I had seriously misunderstood what sainthood was all about. People are *not* usually made saints because they are morally outstanding, they are made saints because they have been useful to the institution of the Catholic church, though words, deeds, or as examples. This weekend's double canonization seems to be no exception. Disappointing.

Further reading: What It Takes to Become a Saint and The Agenda in Making John Paul an Insta-Saint and Water to Wine? I Get Fifteen Percent


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such is only a fraction of the dirty big secret of the "catholic" church.
Please check out a website titled:
It is perhaps a bit over the top, but then again maybe not.

Also google The Criminal History of the Papacy by Tony Bushby - parts of it are available online.

A very detailed description of the very dark behind-the-scenes applied politics of JPII via the book by David Yallop titled The Power & the Glory - The Dark Heart of John Paul II' Vatican.

Also The Popes War Against the church by Matthew Fox

That having been said it is an utter travesty that this benighted chap has been made a "saint" - a profound insult to humankind altogether

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