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Saturday, June 28, 2014

The sacred heart of Jesus and The X-Files

- from La basilique du Sacré-Cœur

I saw this article today about the devotion to the sacred heart of Jesus at Thinking Faith - Matters of the Heart - and it reminded me of The X-Files. There was an episode, Milagro, in which Mulder and Scully investigate murders where people's hearts have been removed though the writing of a story, and in one scene Scully, a Catholic, inadvertently meets the writer in church when they're both viewing a painting of the sacred heart of Jesus.

- Scully at the painting

There he explains the history of the devotion to Scully ...

I often come here to look at this painting. It's called "My Divine Heart" after the miracle of Saint Margaret Mary. Do you know the story... The revelation of the Sacred Heart? Christ came to Margaret Mary his heart so inflamed with love that it was no longer able to contain its burning flames of charity. Margaret Mary... so filled with divine love herself, asked the Lord to take her heart... and so he did placing it alongside his until it burned with the flames of his passion. Then he restored it to Margaret Mary sealing her wound with the touch of his blessed hand.

It's difficult to find good video clips of The X-Files for some reason, but here's what I could find for this episode ...


Blogger Victor said...

((( Then he restored it to Margaret Mary sealing her wound with the touch of his blessed hand.)))

Long story short! Most know that "Jesus" was The Word of GOD (Good Old Dad) made flesh so would that not make GOD "ONE" of the most Powerful Compose her, I mean "Composer" that never was for some? Would not "True Faith" agree with "Humanity" that GOD could never truly abandon any of His Sons and Daughters that were all created in His Own Image now. Right?

By the way YA still love me even after my last comment? Don't YA NOW? :)

I hear YA! Go Figure Victor!? LOL :)

God Bless Peace

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Henry said...

Great show and a great post Crystal!

7:22 PM  
Blogger crystal said...


9:23 PM  

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