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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Five women and thirty men

In the news, Pope names five women to International Theological Commission. As John Allen comments in his post on this ...

[...] The initial news flash about the new 30-member lineup for the ITC is the increased number of women – five this time, as opposed to two during the last five-year term. Once you run all 30 names, however, the thing that truly jumps out is the preponderance of figures regarded by most Catholics in the know as fairly conservative .....

Sr. Prudence Allen, also from the United States, is a member of the Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma, Mich. She’s the kind of nun unapologetic about wearing the habit, and in 2010 she publicly criticized progressive Catholic sisters who broke with the bishops by supporting the Obama health care reform despite abortion-funding issues .... Tracey Rowland of Australia is close to both Pell and Fisher, and would be seen as among the leading intellectual lights of the “Evangelical Catholicism” movement to which Umbers referred. She writes frequently for publications with a conservative editorial bent, and is seen as an articulate defender of traditional Catholic doctrine.

The only one of the five women chosen by CDF head Ludwig Müller and approved by the pope that I've heard of before is Tracey Rowland and she is indeed very conservative. Thought of as part of the Radical Orthodoxy movement, she's a fan of B16 and a staff member at the John Paul II Institute of Marriage and Family (yes, Theology of the Body, women's "special" genius, "new" feminism, and complementarianism). I cam upon one of her articles online, Is Totalitarian Liberalism A Mutant Form of Christianity?, and it probably would give you an idea of her right leaning perspective.

I suppose it was too much to hope that someone like Elizabeth Johnson or Margaret Farley would have been picked.


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