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Friday, September 05, 2014

From Doctor Who to Nero

- Nero and his mom

- Doctor Who neuroscience special: the brain of a Time Lord

- Parolin indicates reform might not be Synod's main focus and says family must be protected from dissolution ... great :(

- UK anti-semitic incidents peaked in July, Jewish charity says

- Eeek! Müller cozies up to the SSPX ... Müller’s first meeting with Fellay

- Judge Posner’s Gay Marriage Opinion Is a Witty, Deeply Moral Masterpiece

- Rethinking Nero. Hmmm - maybe Nero wasn't as bad as we'd previously thought? :) I had some college classes in Roman history and I still remember my teacher riding around the quad in a chariot on Earth Day :) but a lot of how I feel about Nero was formed by reading Claudius the God by Robert Graves ... Nero was Claudius' stepson.


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