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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Four Links

- From Bishop Gene Robinson: Jesus Wasn’t Born Rich. Think About It.

- In TIME magazine: Catholic Colleges Tell Poor Kids to Go Elsewhere. One of the most disturbing things about Catholicism is how much the church charges for education, from grade school to college. There's always the excuse that they give some deserving kids scholarships, but this charity for a few cannot replace justice in the form of affordable education for everyone. For some perspective .... it would cost a student from the US less to attend the UK's Oxford University as a foreigner for a year than it would cost them to go for a year to Georgetown or Boston College. Also worth a read - How to make college cheape from The Economist.

- According to the Pew Research Center, Less than half of U.S. kids today live in a ‘traditional’ family. Memo to the Vatican, where they hope to evangelize everyone into their version of traditional marriage and family life .... you are tripping. I agree with this article on the Pew report when it states: this research is a bit of cheer before the holiday. If your family has a second Christmas at Dad's house, or you’re fretting about the etiquette of stepparent gifts, or you live in a family where “Santa” is not mom but grandma, don't despair. You're not weird, as it turns out. In fact, you're the new normal.

- I spent a bit of my Christmas day with my sister perusing upcoming movies at the Apple movie trailer place. I saw an interesting looking science fiction film trailer based on a Robert A. Heinlein short story, All You Zombies. It stars Ethan Hawke (Gattaca). I've read some books by Heinlein ... The Door Into Summer, Starship Troopers (which i posted about here), Stranger in a Strange Land (which i posted about here), and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress ... but not the one this movie is adapted from. Don't know if it will be good or not, but here's a trailer ....


Blogger KTamas said...

Predestination is pretty great and I watched it without knowing about the short story which I've read after it. It is already out on DVD/payperview/itunes/whatever in several parts of the world, not sure where do you leave.

2:16 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

I am signed up for it at Netflix, but apparently they don't have it available yet. Thanks for the review - I'm looking forward to seeing it :)

3:05 PM  

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