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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pope Francis' woman problem

UPDATE: more on this in my latest post, with a link to David Gibson's NCR article, Seven reasons some women wince when Pope Francis starts talking

An op ed in The Los Angeles Times by Notre Dame NT scholar (and Catholic) Candida Moss on Pope Francis and women ... Pope Francis' woman problem. It begins like this ...

At first, it was easy to overlook. With all of his statements about caring for the poor, the disabled and immigrants, and all the fanfare surrounding his famous “Who am I to judge?” proclamation, Pope Francis seemed like a breath of fresh air for a church stuck resolutely in the past. The fact that he never commented on the long-standing marginalization of women in the Catholic Church, and asserted quite plainly that there would be no ordination of women, did nothing to dampen progressive enthusiasm for the new pope. There has been a hopeful sense that he would get around to it eventually.

He hasn't, however, and there is reason to question whether he ever will. Instead of a more compassionate and understanding take on the standing of women in the church, Francis has repeatedly embraced the traditional Catholic view that a woman's role is in the home ...

She, and what she has written, have been attacked here, but I believe she is right and I had a past post that noted the reasons why.


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