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Wednesday, February 04, 2015


- In the science news from Oxford University - Kissing helps us find the right partner – and keep them

- So what's the significance of declaring Oscar Romero a martyr? Martyrs don't need to rack up two miracles in order to be made saints, which will make the process easier/quicker. His proposed sainthood is, of course, a political subject .... for the most part, the conservatives don't like him, the liberals do. I myself have mixed feelings about him and also about the whole sainthood thing in general, but anyway, here's a recent article on the subject - Vatican panel says Oscar Romero was a martyr

- An article about the way disabled people get portrayed, especially in ads .... “Inspiration porn is not okay”: Disability activists are not impressed with feel-good Super Bowl ads . As someone with a vision disability, I get this - there's such pressure to be upbeat - wouldn't want to make the healthy, able, and lucky feel guilty ;)

- Facebook’s new Terms of Service: Choosing between your privacy and your relationships

- The Other Tolstoy and the Book of Night

- Bishops criticise ‘perverse’ depiction of St Thomas More in Wolf Hall. I just got this book from the library, but haven't started it yet. Conservatives Catholics so love Thomas More, but I don't like him - the guy burned people at the stake - so maybe I'll like the book ;)


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