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Thursday, February 12, 2015


- the Huntsman

- From The New Yorker: No Pain, No Gain “Fifty Shades of Grey.”. I've not read the book, just some excerpts, but the most troubling thing about the movie is that Irish actor Jamie Dornan, Once Upon a Time's late Huntsman, plays the main male character in this dopey film ... that just seems so wrong ;)

- Duke NT professor Mark Goodacre has a post about a new Jesus movie ... Killing Jesus -- first look

- The pope says people who don't want children are selfish. Aside from the weirdness of a man who doesn't want children telling other people who don't want children that they are selfish, I'd like to put to rest his wrongheaded notion that the earth needs more people .... Having Children Brings High Carbon Impact

- Reading about President Obama and marriage equality ... Axelrod explains Obama on gay marriage: 'Leaders work this way'. What's ironic is that his lack of support for marriage equality was one of the reasons I did *not* vote for him in the primary, but voted for Clinton .... I thought he was too conservative.

- Saw this beautiful illuminated manuscript today ...


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