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Friday, October 09, 2015

Sight Unseen (Star Trek: Titan)

The latest kindle book I've been reading is Sight Unseen by James Swallow, the latest (8th) in the Star Trek: Titan series.

As I wrote before in past posts about other books in the series, it's set after the last Star Trek: The Next Generation movie, the one in which Commander Riker and Counselor Troi get married and in which Data sadly dies. Now, Riker is the captain (and eventually an Admiral) with his own ship, Titan, which in addition to Riker and Troi, is manned by a very biologically varied and culturally diverse crew. There are some familiar characters, like Tuvik, but three of my favorites are new ... Ensign Torvig, who is of an alien race that looks like a cross between a sheep and a deer with bio-mechanical implants ... Chief of security Lieutenant Commander Ranul Keru who's an unjoined Trill and (a first for Star Trek, I think) gay ... Dr. Ree, the chief medical officer, who looks like a velociraptor.

This particular book in the series is based in part on a past Star Trek tv episode - Schisms - in which crew members were unwittingly abducted while asleep by subspace aliens and experimented upon. Here's a clip from the episode which shows Riker, exhausted from having been constantly kidnapped during his rack time, trying to stay awake through Data's poem about his cat Spot ...

So far I'm liking the book very much.


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