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Saturday, November 07, 2015

Be Fruitful and Multiply - Not

From Interfaith Voices, a podcast - Getting Over 'Be Fruitful and Multiply' - with Candida Moss, NT professor at Notre Dame, and Joel Baden, professor of the Hebrew Bible at Yale Divinity School. This subject is relevant to some, given that Pope Francis has said that having large families is a "gift from God" and that the church disallows IVF for infertile couples, and of course there's the overpopulation problem the church never wants to address. Here's the blurb for the podcast ...

One in eight American couples struggle with infertility. If they turn to the Bible for guidance—as 20 percent of Americans say they regularly do—they may be disheartened by passages that paint child-bearing as a sign of blessedness and moral goodness. Two scholars of the Bible, who have faced infertility in their own families, offer new interpretations. Can we view Mary as a surrogate mother for Jesus? And what does it mean that all of the Bible's matriarchs had trouble conceiving children?

Visit the link above to hear the podcast.


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