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Friday, November 06, 2015

Thanks you, courageous Irish priests

From National Catholic Reporter: Irish priests' statement calls for free, open discussion of church's exclusion of women. Here's the beginning of it ...

Anger at the "systemic oppression of women within the Catholic church" has prompted a group of 12 Irish priests to issue a statement of protest calling for a free and open discussion of the exclusion of women from decision-making and the priesthood in the church.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Nov. 1, the 12, who include diocesan clergy as well as religious priests, warned that the current "strict prohibition" on discussing the question of women's ordination has failed to silence the majority of the Catholic faithful.

They underlined that it has, however, silenced priests and bishops because the sanctions imposed on those who dare to raise the question are "swift and severe."

The group, which includes some members of the reformist Association of Catholic Priests, said it believes the example given by the church in discriminating against women "encourages and reinforces abuse and violence against women in many cultures and societies."

They highlighted that surveys have shown that a great many people are in favor of full equality for women in the church and all aspects of ministry. They also warned that the current situation is very damaging, and alienates both women and men from the church because they are scandalized by the unwillingness of church leaders to open the debate ....

The recent synod was another example of women being excluded in the church. It's shameful.


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