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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Alan Rickman: RIP

- Rickman in Sense and Sensibility

Sad to read that Alan Rickman has died. I guess a lot of people know him best from the Potter films, but I never saw any of those. My favorite films of his were two in which he played very different characters.

The first movie I saw him in was Die Hard, in which he played Hans Gruber, the leader of a group of international terrorists - except they weren't really terrorists, it was a heist instead, and former Russian ballet dancer Alexander Godunov was one of the henchmen :). Rickman was great in this role ... The Unforgettable Villainy of Alan Rickman in “Die Hard”. Here Hans is in the elevator with his wealthy hostage, Mr. Takagi ...

The other film I especially liked him in was Sense and Sensibility, in which he played a really good guy ... Also appearing in the film was Alan Rickman, who portrayed Colonel Brandon. Thompson was pleased that Rickman could express the "extraordinary sweetness [of] his nature," as he had played "Machiavellian types so effectively" in other films. ... Here he is reading to Kate Winslet's character ....

He will be missed.


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