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Friday, January 08, 2016

More on the Cologne attacks on women

I want to keep writing about this since I've not seen anything at all about it in the Catholic news, I suspect because the subject is considered religiously and politically "awkward". It makes me angry that the church, which has been encouraging unlimited immigration, is willing to ignore this.

- Germany confirms asylum seekers are suspected in New Year’s Eve assaults ... At least 21 asylum seekers from the Middle East and North Africa are suspects in a New Year’s Eve rampage of sexual assaults and thefts in the German city of Cologne, authorities said, even as word emerged of similar acts in Finland, Sweden and other German cities — including the alleged gang rape of two teenage girls by four Syrian men.

- And from The Guardian: Let’s not shy away from asking hard questions about the Cologne attacks .....

In New Year’s Eve, something happened that I don’t really want to talk about. It happened not to me but to about 100 women in Cologne and other German cities, some of whom probably didn’t want to talk about it either; it often takes a while for victims to report sexual assault to the police.

But that’s not quite why it has taken nearly a week to piece together the story of a spate of muggings and sexual attacks carried out that night by seemingly organised gangs of young men. Many Germans are asking why politicians, police and broadcasters seem so reluctant to discuss what happened under cover of the crowds (the state broadcaster EZF apologised for not covering the attacks until cover of the crowds (the state broadcaster EZF apologised for not covering the attacks until Tuesday), and whether it’s because the attackers are widely described as looking Arab or north African. Which is why, of course, liberals like me are reluctant to talk about it .....

But by trying not to give succour to racists, the risk is that we end up miserably self-censoring, giving the “why can’t we talk about immigration?” brigade ammunition for their conspiracy theories. Journalism isn’t really journalism when it avoids stories for fear of how some might react. The parallels between German politicians’ discomfort over Cologne and Britain’s response to predominantly Asian gangs grooming girls in Rotherham for sexual exploitation aren’t exact, but there are lessons to be learned ....


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