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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Links and oranges

I picked some of the oranges from the tree in the yard today. My parents planted the tree when I was a kid, along with plum and apricot trees. My step-father has a lot of fruit tress at his house now too - mostly pluots. But anyway, the orange tree isn't doing so well now, perhaps from years of drought, and the oranges are the size of tangerines ;)

Links ...

- What new Catholic bishops are, and aren’t, being told on sex abuse

- Why America Is Moving Left

- The Young Barack Obama Anticipated How “Fetal Rights” Could Endanger Women and A New Con for Anti-Choice Activists: Secretly Buying Up Abortion Clinics

- What Made Ancient Athens a City of Genius?

- Top German Catholic Bishop: We Need A Reduction In The Number Of Refugees

- :) ...


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