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Tuesday, March 08, 2016


- An article by John Allen about Pope Francis not meeting with the Australian sex abuse victims who came to Rome to see Cardinal Pell testify ... Francis may need to expand his comfort zone to include sexual abuse survivors

- Photos by and interview with French nature/wildlife photographer Laurent Baheux ... 'We have incorrectly placed human species on top of all others'

- Pope Francis wants to make the controversial Aloysius Stepinac a saint. I had a post about him back in 2011 - a scary guy. Read more about Catholic clergy involvement with the UstaĊĦe.

- A Lion, Tiger, And Bear Who Were Rescued From Captivity Are Now Best Friends

- How bullying a 180-pound robot could help improve disaster response. Spot the robot :) ...

- And my sister sent me this ... meerkats! :) ...


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