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Thursday, March 03, 2016

"Why we want to see cardinals punished ..."

A great article at Religion News Service (hat tip Fr. Thomas Reese). It comes just after Cardinal Pell's testimony on the covering up of sex abuse (Cardinal George Pell has to resign, or Pope Francis must act) and echos my past post, Pope Francis and the sex abuse Cardinals. Here's a bit of the RNS article ...

Off with his hat! Why we want to see cardinals punished in the abuse scandal

[...] The Rev. Thomas Reese, an expert on Vatican polity, explains the dilemma: Cardinals are princes of the church and bishops are its nobles. They can’t resign from their spiritual status. But they can resign from their institutional role.

“The minimum we want is for them to stand up and say that they did wrong and they take full personal responsibility and resign. If they did that, I think we can accept that. We might even forgive them,” said Reese.

“But when they fight tooth and nail to stay in their job with all its perks, we are offended,” he said.

“The cardinals wear read because they are willing to die for the church,” said Reese. “They ought to be willing to take a bullet for the good of the church and resign. It’s the closest thing the church has to capital punishment.”

Why do I feel so vengeful about this? And am I alone in this feeling? I suspect not .....


Blogger Steve Hampton said...

Hello Beautiful Crystal-
I wouldn't call what you feel "vengeful". More like righteous indignation. There could be few crimes more truly evil than sacrificing children to the demon, My Appetite, disguised as God's Helper! Truly it crosses over into black magic.
Well well - Happy Spring.

2:53 PM  
Blogger crystal said...

Hi Steve :) I hope you guys are all well and enjoying the weather.

3:01 PM  

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