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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

London Has Fallen

- Butler in better days

My latest movie rental was London Has Fallen. I signed up for it because I like Gerard Butler. I thought to myself, how bad can it be? It can't be any worse than Gods of Egypt! I was so wrong ;)

The basic plot: The British Prime Minister dies and the heads of state of many countries, including America, must go to the funeral in London. Little do they know that an arms dealer/terrorist whose family was maimed/killed in a US drone attack a couple of years earlier has elaborately planned, with the help of a UK mole, to kill them all (and blow up lots of famous landmarks). Only the US President survives, thanks to the dogged determination of Secret Service agent, Mike Banning (Butler).

There are no good reviews of the film - it's that bad - but here's an interesting one from NPR ... Saving The President's Bacon Again In 'London Has Fallen'

The movie I liked Gerard Butler best in was Timeline. It's one of the few movies he's been in where he actually gets to be Scottish ;) Here a clip from it with him and Paul Walker ...

I hope he'll be in some better films like Timeline in the future. Meanwhile, here's a trailer for London Has Fallen ....


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