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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The monster that Bernie built

It's day 2 of the Democratic National Convention and Bernie supporters are still protesting. What are they protesting? They believe the DNC rigged the election - they're wrong: Bernie lost fair and square, with Hillary getting millions more of the popular vote. What are they hoping to accomplish? That I can't answer - do they really believe that if they sulk long and hard enough, the DNC will subvert the popular vote and hand the nomination over to the loser?

I blame Bernie. He crafted this cult of personality and it was an ugly thing ... recall the thousands of death threats made by Bernie supporters to a DNC official because Bernie lost the vote in Nevada. Now the monster will not die and no one has control over it. Job well done, Bernie.

Watch an MSNBC Host Confront Bernie Sanders Delegates About Denial


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