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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Catholic Poland and abortion

In the news: After Mass Protests, Poland Won’t Push for Total Abortion Ban.

The conservative Catholic government had planned to change Poland's already restrictive abortion law to now exclude even abortions because of rape, incest, or if the fetus is irreparably damaged, and would put women and doctors in jail. The new law is supported by the Catholic Polish church. From The Tablet ...

The proposed anti-abortion bill has received the backing of the Catholic Church. In a statement read in churches on 3 April, they urged politicians to support the proposed ban and said Poland’s 1993 law, which restricts abortions to cases of rape, incest, severe foetal damage or threats to a woman’s life, could not be sustained and should be replaced by a total ban.

Women walked out of churches and others took to the streets in the thousands to protest, and even some Catholic theologians wrote to Poland's Catholic bishops to ask them to stop pushing for the law ...

Prominent theologians ask Polish bishops to reconsider support for proposed abortion ban

Nearly one hundred prominent Catholic theologians, historians and lay people from Europe and the U.S. have written to Poland’s bishops to express concerns about the prelates’ advocacy in favor of a new law that would make abortion illegal in their country under almost all circumstances.

In an open letter released Tuesday, the signers say they want to “engage in dialogue and reflection” about the possible consequences of the new law.

Poland has had one of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe since 1993, allowing for the termination of a pregnancy only in cases of grave fetal defect, rape, and threat to the life of the mother, and only in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.

A new proposed bill, which has been publicly backed by the Polish bishops’ conference, would make abortion illegal under all circumstances, except for when the death of the fetus would be the unintended result of saving a woman’s life ......

But the Polish church wouldn't change their stance and I don't doubt the bishops are really bummed about the government's change of mind on the proposed bill. And they wonder why women are leaving the Catholic church in droves.


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