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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Kermit: Shenandoah

I was reminded today of my cat Kermit and how I used to sing her songs when she was elderly and sick. She died eight years ago this month and was the last survivor of my original four cats. She lived three years longer than the others, reaching 18 years of age. I was very lonely after that and there were no pets for years until the stray cats started appearing.

Back then was before YouTube and one had to search for mp3 files online. I came upon a bunch of folk songs done by former Byrds member Roger McGuinn. I always especially liked him because he played a 12 string ...

But anyway, he's a lover of folk music and has recorded many folk song for people to listen to at his Folk Den,. The one I used to sing along to for Kermit was Shenandoah ... listen to it here.


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