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Wednesday, January 04, 2017


- Mark Hamill's Carrie Fisher Tribute: "Making Her Laugh Was a Badge of Honor" (Guest Column)

- More Americans Support Roe v. Wade Than Ever Before, According to a New Pew Poll

- Mistakes in 'Paleo' Eating

- Obama: The Ocean President

- When I saw this headline ... Pope to bishops: Defend children from abuse, protect their dignity, joy ... I sighed in frustration because it sounds so pious but has little to do with the actual situation or how the pope is/isn't dealing with it. Looking at the comments to the article, I saw I wasn't alone in thinking this. Here are a few of them...

* After giving this sermon, Francis then ordered that Cardinal Law be immediately sent back to America and Cardinal Pell to Australia. Actually, he didn't. I've just been reading the fake news thread....

* Excellent article in "The Week" on Pope Francis and his handling of abuse issues. Apparently there are a number of cases that Francis and friends have let pass... abusers who get off lightly because they are "friends of Cardinals". Francis it seems wants to take the investigation of these items out of the hands of the CDF where in recent years these cases were handled. Perhaps Francis doesn't want the CDF to get in the way of "mercy" actions to these abusers.

* Our Holy Father has again made his intentions clear. I expect that any day now his Commission on abuse will show how serious he is by upgrading their website, and maybe even issue a press release or two this year.

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