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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March on Washington

Women’s March: Hundreds of Thousands Protest President Trump

- Gloria Steinem's speech at the March .....

- Michael Moore and Ashley Judd speak at the March ....

Washington Flooded With Pink As Women's March Descends On D.C.

The National Mall has flooded with pink, as demonstrators descend on the nation's capital Saturday for the Women's March on Washington. Just one day after President Trump's inauguration, marchers from across the country have gathered in the city to protest his agenda and support for women's rights ....

Despite the event's humble origins — a simple Facebook invitation after Election Day — the protest has ballooned into something much more massive. By the time marchers hit the streets Saturday, the Women's March on Washington had gotten a broad platform of progressive political positions, a slate of celebrity performers and a series of sister marches planned across the world — on all seven continents ...


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