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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gorsuch: pro-lifers must be so proud

Neil Gorsuch’s First Critical Vote Allowed A Man To Be Executed

Justice Neil Gorsuch made a difference Thursday in his first 5-4 vote on the Supreme Court, siding with his fellow conservatives to deny a petition from eight Arkansas inmates who sought to stop back-to-back-to-back executions.

Gorsuch’s vote on one of several 11th-hour petitions, in effect, allowed the state of Arkansas to carry out its first execution in nearly 12 years.

Ledell Lee was killed just before midnight Thursday, despite his legal team’s herculean effort to persuade the high court to put off his execution so that he could pursue a potential innocence claim and demonstrate that he was intellectually disabled. Lee was still waging these legal battles because of what one lawyer described as the “abysmal representation” he’d received throughout most of the post-conviction process ....

Gorsuch is the darling of the pro-life movement - this is yet another example of the fact that being pro-life is not about saving lives, it's about taking away women's rights.


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