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Thursday, June 01, 2017

The Beatles

It was 50 years ago today ....

Strange to think I used to have all the albums of the Beatles. Even stranger - I still know all the lyrics :) Now it's actually kind of hard to find their songs on YouTube or Vevo. One way to find some of their songs is to look for those in movies, like this - I'm Happy Just to Dance with You - from A Hard Day's Night ...

Or this - You're Going to Lose That Girl - from Help! ...

Their songs that touch me the most are the earliest ones like Things We Said Today or Any Time at All or Don't Bother Me or From Me to You ... they aren't necessarily the best of their songs but I guess they remind me of a time when I was pretty hopeful about life.

For those interested, Wikipedia has a bunch of brief Beatles song samples here


Blogger Jana said...

Thanks for the post -- Sgt. Pepper was one of my favorite albums!

9:27 AM  

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