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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Thoughts on today's news

There's more in the news than Trump (thank God) and here's some of it ...

- Finally someone's doing something official about manspreading ...

- Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff is ahead in recent polls: New Polls Give Jon Ossoff An Edge In Georgia House Runoff. Good news as we Democrats need to win more seats in Congress.

- Roman Polanski’s Sex Assault Victim Pleads to End Case, Says ‘He Owes Me Nothing’. I think she is wrong. I can understand why she might want to put all this behind her, but what she doesn't seem to understand is that this isn't just all about her. Society as a whole has an investment in prosecuting and punishing crimes and a responsibility to prosecute and punish rapists (Reminder: Roman Polanski raped a child). A victim being ok with having been victimized can't do away with that.

- The new trailer for the Black Panther movie is out: 'Black Panther': Why the Teaser Trailer Could Be Marvel's Best Timing Yet. We will recall that the Black Panther was introduced in the last Captain America film, Civil War. Brief recap - The Black Panther is T’Challa, the king of the mythical African country of Wakanda, the only place on earth where the remarkable metal that Captain America's shield is made from, vibranium, can be found ... remember unobtanium? :). Here's the trailer ...


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