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Saturday, July 22, 2017

It's good to be king

Trump has decided he has the power to pardon all his minions and all his family members, not to mention the power to pardon himself. Wow - even Richard Nixon didn't try this, apparently because he found the idea "dishonorable".

This "pardon oneself" idea comes after last week's news about Sean Spicer quitting in protest, after Jeff Sessions appears to have lied again about his Russia contacts, after mention of Trump and Putin's date night at the G20, after the revelation of Jared Kushner's other money, after Trump Jr.'s Russia meeting to get dirt on Hillary, and after Trump's recent unhinged interview with The New York Times in which he castigates Sessions, accuses Comey of blackmail, and threatens special counsel Mueller.

Did I miss anything? It's so hard to keep up. If Trump is allowed to pardon himself, our democracy really will be a joke.


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