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Thursday, August 17, 2017

More on pro-life Democrats

This is a follow up to my earlier post, The DNC and pro-life candidates , in which I opined that it is a bad idea for the DNC to support pro-life candidates for office in their frenzied bid to woo Trump voters and thus get more congressional seats.

Hey, DNC bigwigs, this is what the Democratic party is supposed to look like ...

Megadonor Steyer vows to only back candidates that support abortion rights ...

Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer said on Saturday that he and his NextGen America group do not intend to work on behalf of anti-abortion politicians, jumping into the Democratic Party’s ongoing debate on the topic. “We’re pro-choice,” the hedge fund manager-turned-activist told POLITICO on the sidelines of the progressive Netroots Nation conference here. Asked if his group would help candidates or sitting lawmakers who don’t support abortion rights, he said, “We do not work for a single candidate who is not pro-choice. I think people like to have litmus tests. We are explicitly pro-choice. We work a lot with Planned Parenthood, we work a lot with NARAL. We are absolutely committed to it.” ....

Oregon Passes Law Protecting Abortion and Reproductive Rights

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Tuesday signed what activists describe as the most far-reaching law in the land to solidify access to abortion and subsidized birth control, bucking efforts in Washington to limit reproductive health coverage. The Reproductive Health Equity Act requires insurers to cover abortions at no cost to the patient, enshrining the right to abortion in Oregon even if Roe v Wade is overturned in the U.S. Supreme Court. The statute also includes the whole gamut of reproductive care, from contraception and vasectomies to STD screenings and post-natal care. The law covers all patients, regardless of gender, gender identity or immigration status -- that includes undocumented immigrants ...


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