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Monday, August 07, 2017

What if we get nuked

There are a lot of things to worry about, from drug resistant bacteria to global warming, but the thing that's so scary I can't allow myself to consider it more than moments at a time is the threat from North Korea .... yep, us getting nuked. The subject was in the news again today - North Korea Ready To Teach U.S.‘Severe Lesson’ - and I can't help wondering how long we have before our crazy president pisses off N. Korea's crazy dictator enough to make him flip the switch.

Here's some info on what it might be like if that happened .... WAR GAMES This is what would happen if North Korea launched a nuclear attack on the US… and Trump would have just 10 MINUTES to decide how to react.

When I imagine what it would be like, I can't get that horrific scene from Terminator 2 out of my head. But, but, but, that can't be a realistic depiction, right? Uh oh, it pretty much is ...



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